Conceived in 2010 by recording artists Tommy Mac, musician (Juno nominee: Hedley) and producer (The Latency, The Afterbeat, and Aberdeen), and Jordan Carriere, musician (Static In The Stars), the Beatlab Studio caters to artists whose goal is to make cohesive, professional quality recordings in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

We are proud to have Juno nominated engineer Dean Maher (AC/DC, Elton John, Hedley, Rise Against, Trapt, etc.) as the studio's head engineer and audio consultant.

Designed by Chris Potter, studio designer and builder for Bryan Adams (The Warehouse), Chad Kroeger (Mountain View), GGGatrth Richardson (Nimbus) and Sarah McLaughlin, the Beatlab offers the perfect combination of new and old school recording techniques and technology to capture the sound you require.

This combination of artists and engineers working together results in a full service professional recording studio that is perfect for any project from major label to independent. From tracking to mixing, it provides competitive rates, an extensive gear list and access to world-class producers and engineers.

A studio concept by artists, for artists, the Beatlab operates on three basic principles:

1. GREAT SOUNDING GEAR: The gear list in the lab is the result of our never- ending quest to find the best gear for recording and mixing. Every piece in our extensive collection represents gear that not only sounds great, but has mojo and soul!

2. EXCEPTIONAL ACOUSTICS: Acoustics have a huge impact on sound quality. Our live room is praised by player after player for its rich and balanced acoustics and can be configured for a lively or tight sound with our custom made diffusor/absorber wall panels.

3. COMFORTABLE AND CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT: The Beatlab is all about vibe and making you comfortable in order to spark creativity and maximize your performance. The Beatlab is more than just another studio, it is an experience!

Located in the heart of Langley, BC, the Beatlab is a short drive from Vancouver and lies in the beautiful confines of the Fraser Valley. Accommodations can conveniently be provided onsite for artists coming from out of town.



Want to take your recording to the next level? The Beat Lab offers the chance to record with Juno nominated musician and accomplished producer, Tommy Mac and Juno nominated engineer, Dean Maher. Contact us about your upcoming album or EP project for a quote.

The Beat Lab Sessions:

The Beat Lab Session is designed for bands that want to showcase their songs acoustically. In this package bands receive live professional acoustic audio recording and video in an in-studio setting. A one day or two day session can be booked. This is a great marketing and solicitation tool for bands to use for industry purposes, or send to fan lists or release for commercial use!

The Factor Package:

The classic conundrum for bands applying for a Factor grant is “I need the Factor money to record, but I can’t get a Factor grant without a great demo”. With our Factor package we provide you with the tools that you can use to apply at an affordable rate. You will receive:

- 3 recorded and mixed acoustic demos
- Video for each song

Need some help applying for it? We can offer our considerable experience to help you in your application. Contact us for more information regarding this package.